Friday, 2 November 2018

Instyler Rotating Iron

Hi Everyone,

It has taken me so long to publish this post, it has been sitting in my drafts folder for months!! Anyway.....the Instyler was something I had wanted for a long time, I have very thin hair so I hate straightening it all the time and I am absolutely rubbish with a curlers! Having this kind of hair also means I wake up with a frizzy mop on my head so when I first saw the Instyler I thought if this works it would be perfect for my hair.

I had done my research on it and almost all the reviews were positive but everybodys hair is different and everybodys ability to use hair tools is also different. I decided around Christmas I was just going to go for it and buy one in the sales! I had watched a few tutorials on YouTube and that definitely helped me decide!

The verdict? I love it! Now I am no hairdresser and I tend to do the same style with it every time I use it but I find it so simple to use and it transforms my hair. I usually just add a bit of curl and bounce to the ends of my hair so it doesn't look frizzy and dull. It adds volume and the bristles brush out any tangles while its curling.

There are so many different techniques you can do with just this one tool (if your good, unlike me!). It straightens and curls and I got the 32mm 2 way rotating iron, which I find makes it easier to use on both sides of your hair. I'm not a fan of using heated tools all the time because my hair is so dry but this has 4 different heat settings (which I love), and because this is so quick and simple to use my hair doesn't look burnt or dried out when I am finished.

Because my own hair is quite straight, I don't ever really straighten it because it ends up looking flat and greasy but with this it never looks greasy and gives just a little bit of bounce around my roots where I need it most. Since I bought this all my other hair tools have been neglected and I find myself reaching for this every time I am doing my hair. It's definitely money well spent in my mind.

I got mine from for €64.99 but that was in the after Christmas sales, it has since gone back up to €99.99 and you can also buy it from the Instyler Website for €99.99.

Thanks for reading,

Lynda x

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