Monday, 1 October 2018

Pretty Little Thing X Halloween

Hi All, 

Now that we have well and truly hit Autumn its coming close to my favourite time of year, (yes I think I love it more than Christmas), Halloween!

I have loved Halloween since I was very small, maybe its because my birthday is 4 days before it, who knows! From planning my costume to watching Hocus Pocus (still my favourite film) and trick or treating, it still fills me with happiness thinking back. And to this day I still love it, the thoughts of the spirits roaming around for one night and the freaky feeling it brings and of course all of the sweets. And don't even get me started on the effort I put into my sons costume.

Putting so much effort into my son at halloween leaves little time or money for me, so what if we could have a costume thats not actually a costume? I have teamed up with Pretty Little Thing to showcase how you can wear your Halloween costume again (still can't quite believe it!!) They have something for everyone in their Halloween shop, no matter what your style is your sure to fall in love with something. They have thought of everything from outfits to fake blood and face paint, to amazing shoes and accessories.

After A LOT of thinking and deciding the first look I went for was a beautiful fishnet panel body con dress (how amazing is it??) For this look I kept my hair simple but crazy while focusing on my makeup. I did simple black smoky eyes and half a skull face (by no means a MUA! lol.) I love this look and I think the makeup and dress compliment each other so well. And the best thing is, all those Christmas parties and nights out you have coming up? This dress is PERFECT for them (the phrase 2 birds 1 stone comes to mind).

Shop my Look:
Got a wedding coming up over Christmas? Great, buy your costume for Halloween and wear it to the wedding. And no I'm not crazy! For this 2nd look, this jersey bardot midi dress screams classy wedding outfit or fancy work do but add some fake blood and boom, hello sexy vampire.

Shop my Look:

Two looks perfect for Halloween but just as perfect to be worn again, I themed both looks with the same shoes and bag showing just how easy it is to wear your Halloween costume again.

Halloween is not all about expensive costumes that you will never wear again, its about being creative, a simple black dress can instantly turn into a vampy vampire, it all depends on how you style and accessorise it and Pretty Little Thing have got you covered, they have everything you could possibly need in one place, no matter what look you are going for and you can plan your whole outfit from the comfort of your bed (in your pyjamas!!).

I really hope you enjoyed this post because I had a ball creating the looks!

Thanks for reading!

Lynda x

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  1. Wow your makeup looks amazing!! xx

    1. Thank you so much!! It took lots of practise and a few curse words :) xx


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