Friday, 12 October 2018

I Don't Get The Hype - Benefit "They're Real" Mascara

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There is always products out that I hear people raving about and me being me I have to try them too! But then there are the few products that leave me wondering why the hell did I buy that! So I thought I would start a serious of post about popular products that just didn't work for me and unfortunately up first is the Benefit "They're Real'' Mascara.

Now before I start I have to say I didn't actually buy this I bought a magazine especially to get the free mascara with it! Delighted with myself I couldn't wait to try it.

Boy was I disappointed! I have been blessed with quite good eyelashes but I still love the full thick dark eyelash look, kind of false lashes without the false lashes (if that makes sense?). This mascara didn't do anything along those lines, it just left me with very skinny spider leg like lashes, it just coated my lashes, didn't make them any thicker or longer. This might work for a simplistic make up look but even when I want the "no make up make up look" I like dramatic lashes.

For the price of this one I have tried so many other cheaper alternatives that were miles better in my opinion, if you are thinking about investing in a new mascara try some cheaper ones first before you hand over your hard earned cash. I wrote a blog post last year about my favourite mascara which was cheap as chips from L'Oréal, you can read it here.

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