Saturday, 1 September 2018

Maybelline - Fit Me Matte Foundation

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Hi all,

Now that I am back in college and spending a lot of time in my car I was on the lookout for a foundation that would last the journey with the heaters on early in the morning but would also last all day so I wouldn't have to worry about topping it up or going patchy. I have combination skin which means along my nose and centre of my forehead can get quite oily and most of the time foundations don't last in that area. I apply my make up at 6.30 / 7 am and after the hour drive to college already my face would be patchy, the heat in car would make my foundation disappear on my forehead, nose and chin.

I don't like caking my face in powder because to be honest half my face looks too powdery and the other half still fades to patches so matte foundations are really the best choice for oily skin but they have some downfalls too. If you use concealer or contour creams or powders blending them can be almost impossible, the matte foundation dries so fast you are just left with lighter patches and dirty dark lines all over your face. I cannot be without my contour anymore so I avoided matte ones lately until I came across a different kind of matte foundation.

Going to college or work I always wear budget friendly / drugstore brands and keep my more pricey products for the weekends. So I raided Boots recently determined to find something that would suit what I wanted and luckily I found it in one go. Fit Me from Maybelline is an oily skinned God sent!! I don't really like the full matte finish anymore, I used love it because I never really knew how to cover my oily patches but now I like my skin to have a healthy glow to it and that's exactly what this foundation does, it's matte but not flat! It is a liquid foundation too as opposed to a more creamy texture that a lot of the other ones are and this is why they are so hard to blend. Not this one though, it goes on like any other foundation. It also doesn't set straight away giving you time to blend your contour and highlight your fab areas! Powder products do seem to work better with this foundation but for day time use I think powder is all you need because you add as little or as much as you want, I tend to keep the heavier cream contours for darker foundation and nights out!

And I can report it lasts the dreaded hour drive to college while I have the heaters full belt pointing in my face (I'm a perisher!) If you are looking for a good budget friendly matte foundation give this one a try, as always what works for me might not work for somebody else, thats why I am always on the lookout for cheaper products because if it is recommended and it doesn't work for me I don't cry half as much as I would over the more expensive products I have falling victim to "needing in my life"!

You can purchase Fit Me Matte Foundation here for €8.99

Thank you so much for reading!

Lynda x

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