Friday, 7 September 2018

L'oréal - Smooth Sugars

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If you have been following my blog for awhile or evening just dipping in and out you should know I am a MASSIVE (humungous) fan of L'oréals pure clay range, from their masks to their face washes, I find them so affordable and really great products. So when I saw they had launched a new smooth sugars range.....obvviiiooouuuussssllllly I had to try them! Now I am only working my way through them at the minute so I'll update as I go.

The first one I tried was the glow scrub, this appealed to me most during the summer months, I don't tend to wear much makeup so I am all about that glowing skin.

The mask contains 3 fine sugars, brown, golden and white for exfoliation, along with grapeseed oil which is packed with vitamin E and perfect for illuminating the skin. It also contains Monoli oil which is a natural moisturiser, used to prevent dullness and Acai powder which is blended into a polishing formula.

The minute you open the jar you are in sugar heaven!! But once you get over that, you apply a small amount to your face, this can also be used on your lips too which is extra points from me. Add warm water to your face and gently massage in circular movements until all the sugar is dissolved, and just rinse off whats left. Immediately you can feel how soft your skin is just after a couple of seconds. The oil in the scrub leaves almost like a moisture layer on your skin, I love this because I find some scrubs do too much and strip my skin of every bit of oil and moisture in it, which isn't a nice feeling at all!

It is recommended not to use this scrub everyday. Use it 3 times a week and after one week it will have your complexion glowing. If you are looking for a good face scrub I recommend trying these. If any of you have tried the others please let me know what you thought. I'm also on the hunt for a good body scrub so would love recommendations for that too.

Buy the scrub here for €12.99

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