Friday, 12 January 2018

Black Diamond - Activated Charcoal Peel Off Mask

Hi Everyone,

I think this is the first activated charcoal mask I have ever used, they have been all over social media lately, everybody who is anybody is raving about them so I went on a bit of a facemask binge on and said I had to get one to try! 

The one I got was the Black Diamond peel off mask with activated charcoal. You apply it to clean skin with your fingers or a mask brush, I personally prefer to use a brush as I just find it less messy and the product goes on the skin much easier. You leave it on for 10/20 minutes until it has dried and turned tacky.

It's really comfortable on the skin, I had no irritation at all and even when it was drying it was still pleasant, just felt like a mud mask drying. Now it definitely wasn't the most pleasant of experiences removing it but it did come off quite easily then just rinse with warm water. Once it was removed I could see all the impurities on the mask that it pulled from my nose area. Anyone else suffer with those annoying little black heads on their nose? I HATE THEM but after this mask they were all gone ALL of them, amazing!!

After a few minutes my skin started to feel a bit tingly but nothing major, it felt incredibly clean and soft which was quite surprising to me as I wasn't expecting it to soften my face as well as rip out the impurities. I am very happy with the results from this so it is one I am going to keep in bathroom and use it regularly.

You get 3 masks in the pack and as I said I got mine from for around €5 but you can also purchase them on for £4.95.

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