Thursday, 14 September 2017

Whats In It For Me?

Hi Everyone, I didn't think it was possible to fall in love with a shampoo...but I have.

Ever since having my son 3 years ago and being diagnosed with Graves' Disease (you can read about my diagnosis here) my hair hasn't had an easy time. A lot of it fell out shortly after giving birth and whatever chance it had to grow back was affected by the Graves' so ever since I have been so careful about what I use on my hair. I would box dye my hair every month without a care in the I'm even apprehensive about going to the salon.

I am always on the lookout for products that will aid my hair not damage it even more so when I came across whatsinitforme I was intrigued, I was even more delighted when they sent me their shampoo to try. 

I have tried everything from oil based shampoos and silicone free shampoos so I know a good one when I find it. And to be honest at first I wasn't getting my hopes up that this was going to be any different on my hair but I was praying it would be.

Whats In It For Me dedicate themselves to making products that contain only natural ingredients that won't harm your body, soul or conscience, totally selfish, indulgent, in love with yourself products! Their shampoo includes ingredients like Ginkgo Biloba, Grapeseed and Passion Flower Oil and Pro Vitamin B5 & B6 which cleanses, moisturises and nourishes the scalp.

I used this shampoo like any other, and as I was rinsing it I noticed it didn't make my hair as knotty as some others would. When this doesn't happen my wet hair I know the shampoo is good. I brushed it and dried it as normal just using my MooGoo protein shot on the ends and blowdried it. Afterwards my hair had a shine to never has a shine!! And definitely never has a shine after only a shampoo. Even my roots felt so much softer and there was a real visible difference in the volume of my hair. If I styled my hair right I'd might get a day out of it before it tangles into one gigantic knot but now I get days out of it, it always feels soft and smooth, my dry corse hair is gone and now I have healthy bouncey thicker looking hair! I don't have to brush it 40 times a day to keep it looking good. I never get this result from a shampoo alone, its usually a result I get from a conditioner but I don't like having to overuse them either because that can often cause more damage.

I am completely IN LOVE with this product!! In a market that is swamped with hundreds of the same products they have got it so right!! I was always looking for the latest hair products to try out but now I'm not because I have one that works so well for me, along with my weekly dose of my Hola Coco my hair has never been better. If you suffer with unruly hair I really recommend checking these out!!

Whats In It For Me products can be purchased from Harvey Nichols and Fragrance Direct and their products range from Body Scrubs to Hand Creams and are all totally selfish, indulgent, in love with yourself products!

Thanks for reading,
Lynda x 
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