Saturday, 2 September 2017

The Irish Tag

I am finally getting around to doing my Irish Tag. Thank you so much to Rosie from Something About Rosie for nominating me. Basically the Irish Tag is answering questions and tagging other Irish Bloggers to do the same, so here are the questions.

1. What County Are You From?

I am from Tipperary, The Premier County!

2. Where Is Your Favourite Place To Visit In Ireland?

My favourite place is probably Fethard-On-Sea in Co. Wexford, I go camping there almost every summer and I just love the peace. I love Galway too and Killarney.

3. Whats Your Favourite Irish Word Or Phrase?

Thats a tough one.....''Shur we'll do it for the craic'' (I'm always saying this) basically doing something for the fun of it! Another one is ''its far from -such and such- you were rared'', say you're eating something fancy and someone says that to you it means you weren't brought up eating that.

4. Do You Play GAA?

I played Camogie and Gaelic Football when I was in Secondary School but because of a knee injury I had to stop, I wish I could still play!

5. Who Are Your Favourite Irish Artists?

Mine are Picture This, The Script,  Damian Rice and my guilty pleasure is The Corrs.

6. Name 5 Irish Bloggers/Youtubers You'd Like To Collab With?

Melissa -
Rosie -
Sarah -
Fiona -
Suzanne -

7. Whats The Weather Like Where You Are?

Its actually been quiet nice today, a bit clammy and heavy but no rain!

8. Bonus Question From Rosie, Barrys or Lyons Tea?


9. Bonus Question From Me, Whats Your Favourite Thing About Being Irish? (Answer In Comments)


  1. Loved it! We'll definitely have to collab sometime.My favourite thing about being Irish, the traditional Irish music & our passion for our country ����


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