Monday, 7 August 2017

Pearly Whites!

Hi again, so my teeth are one thing I would probably spend thousands on without a second thought, but until I win the Lotto I'm just going to have to make do!

I chop and change between toothpaste all the time. Every time I buy a new one its always a different brand, but lately I've been combining 2 products that I actually think I'll stick with. I recently tried the Spotlight Teeth Whitening Strips and if you read my previous post about them you will know I didn't really like them, but I did purchase the Spotlight toothpaste right around the time I was finishing the strips. Although the strips were quite disappointing I am actually really liking the toothpaste and the results I am seeing.

However I can't fully give all the credit to the toothpaste because along with it I've started using the White Glo Bright Nights strips (thats a mouthful!!) and I am really loving these. I started using both around the same time but they are a match made in heaven, I never usually see results from tooth whitening products but I can't get over the difference in my teeth in just a few weeks. These strips are so simple to use and theres no pealing them off your teeth because they completely dissolve after a few minutes. You just wet your teeth, apply the strip and thats it, wait for it to dissolve and brush off the excess before you eat or drink anything and it isn't recommended that you swallow the product so be careful.

The best thing about these 2 is they aren't at all expensive, the toothpaste is €9.99 and the White Glo is €7 for 6 strips and can be purchased from Penneys / Primark. Unlike the 14 day course with the Spotlight strips, the Bright Nights aren't a course and can be used just when you want to freshen up your smile and work just as well.

I purchased my toothpaste online from the Spotlight website because it was only just released at the time but I am sure there are a lot more places you can purchase now. Since first using the Bright Night strips I haven't repurchased the Spotlight ones even though I had intended too, now I just don't want them and everytime I am in penneys I pick up a box of these strips, I have at least 7 boxes!!

I am obsessed with teeth whitening anyway, I have tried nearly every 'drugstore' product so I would love to hear any recommendations you guys have about ones I could try, I recently read a review about a Pearl Drops one so I might give that a try next and see how I get on.

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