Tuesday, 8 August 2017

IndyLuxe - The New Must Have Make Up Brushes!

Hi everyone, I finally got my post written about my new make up brushes,

Indy Luxe are a new brand that sell make up brushes that are cruelty free and really affordable. At the minute they have 3 different sets to choose from. An incredible Merbabe collection for £35 for 10 brushes (on my wishlist), a Rainbow set for £24 that comes with 7 brushes and an 8 piece Rose Gold set for £28, and you can use my code LIFEOFLYNDA20* for 20% off any purchase at the checkout. I chose the set of 8 Rose Gold brushes (I couldn't actually choose which set to get but I'm obsessed with Rose Gold, so I made my decision solely on colour lol!)

Now can we just take a second to appreciate how pretty they are! There those brushes that you buy but don't want to use them because they're too pretty, but pretty or not for blogging purposes I had to bring myself to use them!

They look amazing, we've established that but they feel equally as good. The bristles are super soft but sturdy at the same time, they aren't one but flimsy, really really good quality! The fan brush alone is one of the best I own!

So in the set what do you get? Now I'm no make up artist so I apologise for the names I give them or the way I describe them I am only basing the names/description on the way I use them and what I use them for, I am definitely not a MUA.

First up is a bronzer brush but I used it for applying my foundation and just used my beauty blender around my eyes and nose. My foundation went on so well and the bristles were as soft, none of that sharp stabbing you get from some brushes.

Then you have a sculpting brush, similar to the bronzing brush but can be used for powder contour or blending cream contour. I applied my cream contour first with a smaller brush just to get a clean line and then blended it with this brush.

Onto the blusher brush, I had actually never owned one like this, I always wanted one but any of the sets I bought just never came with one of these, so I was delighted when I saw this set had one included. The shape of it makes it the perfect size to add the right amount of colour to the apples of your cheek without resembling a clown afterwards.

The fan brush as I said already is one of my favourites! I have a lot of them that are almost too fanned and just split in the middle the minute I put it near my face, which isn't ideal when you tend to overdo it on highlighter like me. This one though is so full and sturdy, there are more bristles in the centre than the edges making it impossible to get that dreaded split in it.

Now onto the smaller brusher. A lot of these can have 2 uses depending on what you want them for! The bigger of the small ones (if that makes sense) I used to apply my concealer under my eyes and down my nose and blended it with my beauty blender. It can also be used as an eyeshadow brush, bringing me onto the next brush.

The blending brush. This brush is the perfect shape for that real good blend on your eyeshadow and for blending the colour out and under your eye. You can use it just as a blending brush or equally to add more colours as you blend.

The crease brush is again one of the best that I have. I've a couple of these but they are more sponges than brushes and I find they just remove any eyeshadow rather than applying it! This brush has a pointed tip and just enough bristles to hold its shape giving a really precise application exactly where you need it, perfect for finer details.

The angled brush is also perfect for cut crease and under eye details but also great for eyebrows, I drew out my brows first with the brush that came with my eyebrow pomade and then filled in my brows with this brush, the bigger size makes it so quick and easy. This is going to be a good brush for gel eyeliner too because of how sturdy it is.

I have attached some photos of my everyday makeup look using only my Indy Luxe brushes (just ignore my over grown brows!!)

I hope that little run down was helpful in making you decide whether or not to invest in your own set of Indy Luxe brushes but don't forget you can use LIFEOFLYNDA20* at the checkout for 20% off your order.

Thanks for reading,

Lynda x 
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  1. Those brushes are beautiful! I love rose gold, and the feral looks so nice. http://www.mrsqbeauty.com

    1. They are such good brushes, the quality is amazing!! 👌🏼

  2. I've heard some mixed opinions on this brand, but these brushes really do look beautiful. The colour of them is stunning!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. I got on really well with mine now I have to say, the quality is really good. I know that mixed review tho I bought sunglasses off a site that everyone was raving about and I think there rubbish and I bought a couple of pairs!


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