Friday, 18 August 2017

Green Angel - The Brand You Need In Your Life

Hi everyone,
In preparation for a wedding I had coming up I started my skin prep for my tan the week before hand. I started using a body lotion from a set that I had gotten for Christmas but just never opened, and it quickly became one of my favourites. Its the Seaweed Body Lotion from Green Angel and my God it is insane!!

The smell is just captivating, its the beach in a bottle! It has that fresh soothing smell that just makes you want to relax wrapped up in some seaweed. The smell comes from the essential oils, neroli and chamomile in the cream, it works to nourish and soothe the skin leaving it soft and silky. I used this on my feet too because I was wearing sandals at the wedding and it works just as good as a foot cream. My feet felt so much softer, nearly from the inside out, all that horrible hard skin from my heals was gone! Just vanished.

My skin has never felt better, it dries in super quick and the cream itself isn't greasy or sticky. Along with the body lotion in the set came a seaweed hand cream, I always suffer from dry hands and I hate it! One thing I can't stand is irritating dry hands and I've spent so long looking for good hand creams but apart from the Soap and Glory one I never really found one that I would go back to. Since I started using this hand cream though I don't suffer with my hands half as much. I only use it when I need and to be honest thats not very often anymore. The smell of this one is equally amazing and it also contains Vitamin E which is so so good for the skin.

The best thing about this brand is they are Irish and I just love using really good products that are made in Ireland because 90% of the brands in my make up case are International brands. I cannot wait to try some other products from Green Angel, I think the next one on my wishlist is their seaweed face mask, with that relaxing smell I reckon it will put me to sleep. They also have a seaweed and aloe eye gel which I am loving the sound of, I love anything that has aloe in and mixed with seaweed is the perfect combination for skin, especially the delicate skin around your eyes. 2 things now on my wish list!

You can buy the hand cream here for €19.95
You can buy the body lotion here for €14.95

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