Sunday, 2 July 2017

I Survived Potty Training

Hi everyone. Happy Sunday!

Today I am bringing something different to my blog! As you will know if you read some of my other blog posts I am a Mammy and if you didn't well you now you know! I am a Mammy to a 2 year old boy called Harley and we recently hit another milestone in his little life, potty training. I thought I would write my experience here because it is always a question I see asked online by other parents, what is the best way to train or any tips for it?

I originally started training Harley back in January when he was 2 and a half, he got on really well at the start just being at home although I did sound like a broken record having to keep reminding him every 2 minutes and he did spend most of the time just sitting on the potty waiting for something to happen! That was all great but the minute a nappy went back on him, he would pee in straight away, he just wasn't making the connection that he had to tell me when he needed to go. My Boyfriend then ended up in hospital needing surgery at the same time so both myself and Harley went to stay with my Mam. While he was uprooted from his home and his routine I decided this isn't a good time to train him so I stopped.

I realised there was no rush training him and didn't start again until June. I had been telling him for a few weeks that he was going to have to start peeing in the big toilet because as he kept reminding he was a big boy! We went to Tescos and bought Lightening McQueen pull ups and he was so excited! He knew what was happening now and he was prepared. That didn't make the first day any easier, he was having none of the potty (Santa had to bring him one with a padded seat because he didn't like the typical small potty shape!!), wouldn't sit on it, look at it, wouldn't even entertain it, so when it came to dinner time I said tomorrow is another day and I left him alone.

The next morning was more of the same, but after being bribed with YouTube Kids and a phone call to Nana asking for Smarties he sat on the potty and peed nearly straight away. After that first pee I can take no responsibility in training him, he did it all himself! I think he only had about 3 accidents in the first couple of days. Within a week he stopped telling me he needed to go and all I'd hear was ''Mammy, I did a pee pee!) Now a month on he is fully potty trained, even when he's playing and distracted he will always come running to the potty, granted he would be so bursting he can barely stand still for me to get him ready, but no accidents.

I understand all kids are different and some have different situations, some are in Crèche and Playschool early, I am lucky because Harley won't be going to Playschool until 2018. If you are in the postition to leave training them that bit longer till they are around 3 I would recommend it! There was such a difference from January to June, it was so much easier this time round, I didn't have to follow him around as much and he was going without even being reminded. He was more aware of what he had to do because he had a better understanding of what I was saying. After the first day he was almost trained and now Harley is a boy who doesn't like to sit still, he's very stubborn and if he says no then thats it your at nothing, so if your potty training or about to start, its not easy but they will get there in 1 day or 1 month but it is definitely easier the older they are!! As for night time he gets his pull up and if he wets it he wets it, I am not going to train him at night, maybe in a few months but right now I have no intentions to do it.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments or email me directly through my contact form.

Thanks for reading!

Lynda x


  1. I had wanted my daughter to be trained early on as well, but her father and I were separated and there was no consistency for her on her weekends sadly. So I waited, kept on through it and eventually you get there. I just believe consistency is key. Every time we came back through the door she sat on the toilet for 20 minutes or so.

    I don't think it's something you can rush. And today especially with our schedules being so full and everyone out and about all the time it's more difficult to dedicate the immense amount of attention it takes on a daily basis. We just need to be forgiving of ourselves and our children and have patience!

    1. I completely agree, if I had stayed at it when I first started it would have weeks and weeks, so much easier when they are better able to understand whats going on.


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