Monday, 24 July 2017

Mini Fashion Haul

Hi Everyone! I'm back with something a little different today, my first shopping haul blog post and its a very mini haul!

So the weather here in Ireland is definitely changing, which reminds us never get too comfortable with summer because it doesn't last long. Recently I have been following all my favourite shops on Social Media and they have already had their Autumn/Winter press days, even walking around the shops you can see the clothes are changing into the warmer colours and those suede biker jackets that we all love are making an appearance again (thank god!!) And when you find yourself buying boots in Penneys/Primark you know winter is coming.

I decided to put together a little haul of the first few bits I picked up for those colder months. First up is Penneys and unless you have been living under a rock, or aren't into fashion, you will have seen a lot of bloggers talking about those studded ankle boots from Penneys. They come in Khaki, Grey, Black and Pink and I spotted them recently in my local store, and of course I couldn't decide which colour to get but settled on the Khaki ones, I tend to always wear dark colours so these will go with so much in my wardrobe and I bought the brown suede biker jacket from Penneys last year and I think it will go so well with the boots.

Image taken from Primarks Instagram

After spotting a blush pink version of the suede jacket in Penneys I knew I had to have that too and if I had to have that, I had to have the pink version of the ankle boots to match! I wasn't able to get the pink jacket in my local Penneys so I got one from River Island instead. I was able to get the boots though so lets hope I can keep them clean.

Probably the last summer item I will buy is actually the F&F range from Tesco, I spotted it while doing the grocery shopping and I just love how cute it is, perfect for the double denim trend which I just love.

I saw a lot of came denim jackets online over the last few months and regretted not picking up a gorgeous one I saw in Penneys a few months back, it was came denim with embroidered flowers on it and it really looked more expensive than Penneys so when I spotted this one I had to picked it up although it doesn't have embroidery on it, it is still going to go with my khaki boots.

The last piece of clothing I picked up was a blush pink jumper (to match the pink boots (insert 'eye roll emoji')) It has cut out details on the sleeves and is nearly identical to a yellow one I picked up from River Island and though I got it in the sale the Penneys one was still half the price and just as fab. I just adore the blush pink colour and it compliments nearly every hair and skin tone.

I also picked up a white lace bralette, I already had the black version but they are so cute for under a  white or denim shirt, or under the mesh detail tops which are everywhere at the minute. And when I spotted this corset belt I couldn't leave it behind it is absolutely gorgeous and looks more River Island than Penneys.

The last few bits I picked up from Penneys were just some of my essentials, the White Glo Bright Nights teeth whitening strips which I am just obsessed with lately, some round cosmetic pads and the Creightons Get Ready To Glow mask.

Hope you enjoyed that little mini haul, thanks for reading!

Lynda x 
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  1. Loving these shoes!
    xx Nicki

  2. I love the suede jacket! It's exactly what I'be been looking for too. Zara do a similar one but I've only seen it in pink, and I want a brown version for Autumn. I saw a similar one in River Island for £160, so compared to that this one is such a bargain! x

    Velvet Blush

    1. Keep an eye on primark, I got a brown one last year/start of this year and they have the exact same styles coming in this season, and there is no difference between my primark one and my RI one! ☺️☺️


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