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NEW! L'oréal Pure Clay Masks

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If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know I am a massive fan of the L'Oréal Pure Clay range. I have a previous blog post written about both the masks and face washes  so when I saw that they were launching 2 new ones I couldn't wait to pick them up. They already had a detox, glow and purity mask and recently launched bright and blemish rescue masks.

The first one I tried was the Blemish Rescue one which contains 3 pure clays and Marine Algae and is a really cool blue colour. Marine Algae has anti-blemish properties while the 3 clays work to absorb impurities, eliminate imperfections and clarify complexion. When using the mask you apply a thin layer and leave to dry for 5-10 minutes. When it dried it was like there was nothing on my face, it was the weirdest feeling because to touch it you would know there was a mask on but I actually couldn't feel anything on my face, it felt as soft as skin. It also doesn't crack when you move your face, so it is super comfortable. One of my favourite things about these masks is the smell and this one has that same smell that I love. Its also a lot thicker that the others so I would definitely advise applying this with a brush.

It was really easy to remove, I just used a wet face cloth but be careful as it tends to leave an almost blue glow to your skin so be vigilant when removing it. Afterwards I noticed the biggest difference in my nose, those horrible little black heads had vanished and my pores looked almost invisible (almost!!) My skin felt and looked cleaner and fresher, I did find that straight after using it my skin felt a bit drier than usual, but I expected that after a mask that targets blemishes so I just popped on my favourite Hydra Genius afterwards. Overall its a really nice mask.

Next up is the Bright Mask, along with the same clays as the previous one this one contains Yuzu Lemon and micro beads. Yuzu Lemon is known for its skin-evening properties and boy does it do just that, out of all 5 of the Pure Clay masks this is my favourite by a mile. Like the others apply a thin layer and leave for 5-10 minutes. This dries similar the the Blemish Rescue one, its really soft and doesn't crack and again is really comfortable. I honestly couldn't get over my face once I had removed it, I used water to take this off and gave my face a good scrub with the beads, it had evened my complexion so well and my face was so bright and smooth, even the next morning my skin was still as bright and healthy looking. This would be a perfect mask to use in the morning if your skin is looking a bit tired and the lemon scent adds such a fresh kick to the smell its sure to help you feel awake too.

Out of all 5 if I was to pick one that you absolutely need its hands down the Bright Mask, it does exactly what it sets out to do, although all 5 are pretty amazing. You get 10 applications from each tub and for €11.49 they are really something worth having in your bathroom cabinet. I got the Blemish one from and the bright one from my local boots, and at the minute they are  on offer for only €9.49.

You can buy the Blemish Rescue Mask here
and the Bright Mask here .

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  1. I'm so glad L'oréal came out with this clay mask range, I've only tried the glow mask so far and it's fab <3 can't wait to try the blemish rescue one

    1. They are such good masks aren't they? and so affordable too! I love them all, the blemish one feels so so funny on the skin, its really hard to describe. The more I use them the more I love them!

  2. I really need to try this range!! I love clay masks, I usually use the Body Shop tea tree one but I haven't tried a new one in ages x
    S x


    1. I must try some of the Body Shop range, I don't have one local so I never think of getting stuff from there, I do love tea tree products!!


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