Thursday, 13 July 2017

Harleys Kinder Surprise!

Hi everyone!!

As a Mammy I have recently been introduced to Ryan. A lot of you parents will know who I am talking about but if you are not a parent, Ryan is a little boy who does toy reviews on YouTube Ryans Toy Review. My Son for the last few months has been obsessed with watching his videos and searching through YouTube Kids. One of his favourite videos to watch are the kinder egg reveals, honestly I will never know the entertainment he gets from them but none the less he loves them. Last weekend we celebrated his 3rd birthday so I decided to make him his own Kinder Surprise Egg.

In the weeks running up to his birthday I started stocking up on bits and pieces to put in the egg, he's obsessed with Hot Wheels cars so I picked up loads of them, some mashems, simply because they are always in the videos and some sweets and bits just to fill it up.

I left it as late as I could to make it because lets be honest I wasn't spending weeks trying to hide a massive kinder egg. I started off blowing up and balloon and using pvc glue and newspapers I covered the balloon with 3 layers of paper and left it dry.

It was fully dry by the next day so I painted the whole thing white with poster paints, this was the longest part because the newspaper soaked up all the paint, so after about 10 hours and 600 layers of paint I was ready to paint the orange onto the bottom. After painting the bottom I left it overnight to dry. All that was left was the lettering, I sketched out the letters with pencil and painted them with acrylic paints, outlining them with black marker.

Then came the fun (and stressful) part, cutting a hole in the back and praying that was strong enough not to collapse, luckily it survived! I cut a little door into that back of it big enough to pop in all his toys. The balloon didn't pop when i cut into because it was so dried into the paper so I had to peal that away from the inside of the egg before I filled it. After it was filled I closed it again using masking tape and just gave it a quick coat of white paint.

And that was it, it lasted all of 20 seconds and then it landed on the floor being kicked and punched! The late nights (I could only paint it when he was in bed or he'd recognise it) were so worth it when I  saw his face and heard him say that's like Ryans. We got the whole thing on video and are going to put it on a disc so we can tell him he got his own YouTube video for his 3rd birthday.

I hope you enjoyed this different style of blog post from me as I am a massive crafts fan, I have a lot more DIY projects I want to do around my house so please let me know if you would like to see those kinds of post or if I should just stick to the beauty blogging side.

Thanks for reading!

Lynda x
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  1. This is cool! I kinda wish my son was still a toddler.

    1. I'm still sick mine is a toddler.....they grow way too fast!!

  2. This is so cute, he's adorable and he looks so happy! I would definitely love to see more DIY from you :) xx

    Velvet Blush

    1. Aww thank you, thats good because I have another DIY one almost ready to post! :)


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