Monday, 10 July 2017

Clarifying Shampoo & Why You Should Too

Hi guys and happy Monday!!

So if you have read some of my other posts you will know I spend my life searching for products that work well in my hair, you will also know I HATE my hair! And if you didn't well you know now that I HATE my hair!! (I will probably mention that several times!)

When it comes to shampoos and things I don't really have a go to one, I chop and change quite a lot but my favourite would have to be the Extraordinary Oil Shampoo & Conditioner from L'Oréal. One shampoo I ALWAYS have in my shower though is a clarifying one.

 Clarifying shampoos can be quite harsh on the hair as they are designed to remove everyday pollution build up basically, excess product build up and impurities. They work like a hair detox and the one I found works best for me is the Pantene Pro V Clarifying Shampoo, it has made such a difference to my hair. The reason I started using this shampoo is because often times when I was washing my hair no matter what shampoo I used my hair felt like straw, stuck to my head even when it was wet. Its not recommended that you put conditioner in your roots but that was the only option I had to try sort out the tangles and knots and be able to brush and dry it. I got so fed up of having to deal with this every time I washed my hair, so one night I went googling! And basically what I found was a lot of people saying the reason for this was too much product left in my hair and my shampoos basically weren't cleaning it right.

After figuring out what my problem was I honestly had no idea what a clarifying shampoo was (I had to google that too!). A couple of brands came up so I said I would pick up whichever I could find and that happened to be the Pantene one which I got in Tescos. I only use this once a week or once a fortnight, but it is so important to look after our hair and use good products that will benefit us in the long run and this is one I recommend. Our hair gets rained on, its out in pollution everyday, we put endless amounts of different sprays and mousses in it and never really take notice if they are being washed out properly. Product build up over time can be damaging to the hair, it doesn't allow the nesscessary nutrients and oils to penetrate it, it can feel coated and look flat and dull. Even freshly washed hair can look greasy. However using these too often can strip the natural oils from the hair which in turn makes your hair even more greasy.

There is a lot of home remedies you can do to tackle product build up too (Google product build up) if you don't want to use a shampoo like this but honestly I love this one, my hair feels clean after using it and I don't have that dry, straw like feeling and one other thing I noticed about this was it was gentle on my coloured hair. I have had more dye come out of my hair from shampoos designed for coloured hair than this one. The days I use this I try not to use any conditioner with it, and most of the time I don't need to I just put in my MooGoo Protein Shot afterwards and I'm good to go.

I wanted to write this to share my experience because it took me a long time to realise this wasn't "just my hair" so if you have hair that gets drier while your washing it, this might be your problem!

Thanks for reading!

Lynda x


  1. Aw I would love to try this, Pantene products look and smell so amazing! I really recommend trying sulphate free shampoos like OGX too, they have made such big difference to my hair and it's so much healthier and better to style :D sooo much less frizzy! Love your blog, following on GFC :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. The smell is amazing isn't it! I used a sulphate free one before, I think it was L'Oréal again but I had the same problem with my hair turning to straw even when wet, I might get another one and try again. I will try anything that helps with frizz!! I will go follow now! :)

  2. My hair can be really straw like as well, and my roots can get quite greasy! I've started using a new salon shampoo and I use a huge dollap of it so it is starting to get better, but might look into this for every now and again :) x

    Velvet Blush

    1. I am going lighter with my hair in 2 weeks so I am forking out for decent salon stuff too, this made such a difference to my hair and it just felt better after it, another one thats supposed to be good for dry ends greasy roots is the pure clay shampoo from L'Oréal, I tried it but it just didn't suit my hair! :) x


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