Saturday, 1 July 2017

10 Second Tan!

Hi everyone and happy Saturday!

So this 10 second tan from bPerfect has been all over my social media lately and i had to try it. They have 2 tans a medium shade that smells like coconuts and a dark shade thats watermelon scent. I was debating between the 2 and actually decided on the medium shade to try first but silly me ended up picking up the wrong bottle. So the dark shade it was.

I have to admit as I was applying it I was really struggling to understand what all the hype was about. It looked really streaky everywhere I put it, (I used the velvet mitt from Cocoa Brown to apply it!) and I was convinced I'd end up back in the shower scrubbing it off!
Then it dried PERFECTLY! And it dried really quick too. I was actually gobsmacked how well it turned out. It has a lovely natural golden colour, not too brown or orange! And even though it's 'dark' it's not too dark and looks really natural. I used Urban Decay All Nighther Foundation in shade 4.5 with it and they are a perfect match. It is easy to apply, as it's not a gradual tan you can see where its going, maybe I was just have a bad skin day that it looked real streaky! Has that happened anyone else?

The watermelon scent really helps mask the typical fake tan smell, after you apply it there really is no smell off it. I really like its lasting power, after 3 days and showering it was still perfect! It says on the bottle it lasts for 3/5 days which it definitely does. Even with moisturising it still didn't budge and stayed perfect.

I do really like this tan although it didn't really apply well it did dry perfectly. I will keep using it as I recently used the B Bold Tan and I just didn't like it. This in my opinion suited me better. It is a bit on the pricier side considering all the tans on the market but the bottle is big, its 200ml so it will last ages! It's €24.99 and I got mine from Sam McCauleys but nearly every pharmacy stocks it now and you can buy directly from their website What are your opinions on this tan and be sure to let me know in the comments some of your favourites that I should try!

I hope you enjoyed this little review and if there is anything you would like me to review please let me know! Thanks for reading!! 

Lynda x


  1. I don't really use tanning products, but this one looks so natural :) x

    Velvet Blush

    1. It really is!! And after my applying mishap it really is a gorgeous tan! xx


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