Monday, 19 June 2017

Spotlight Teeth Whitening

Hi everyone,

I was really late jumping on this band wagon and I don't know why because I have wanted to try it since I first heard about it. Spotlight is a home teeth whitening treatment containing 28 strips, a strip for both the bottom and top teeth that you leave on for an hour everyday for 14 days.

I have read nothing but amazing things about this and it has been plastered over every form of social media being endorsed by bloggers who 'just love it', me on the other hand wasn't impressed. I saw no major difference in the colour of my teeth only these weird patches at first after I'd remove the strips. I was so disheartened after the first 7/8 days that using them became a nuisance. Now it is known that teeth whitening doesn't work on everybody and unfortunately I seem to be one of those people. By all means I am not going to talk anybody out of using it because other than not really working I had no other complaints in terms of sensitivity.

  • It was really easy to use, you just dry your teeth and place the longer strip on the top teeth and the shorter one on the bottom teeth. Secure them well by folding them in around the teeth and sit back and relax for an hour.
  • I had no sensitivity using these. My bottom teeth would be quite sensitive and these didn't bother me once, while using them or in the days after.
  • There was no horrible taste from the strips. Coming close to the end of the hour the strips are starting to get loose and you can taste a bit of the gel but it was pleasant.
  • Removing the strips was easy too, you just peel it off and rinse away any of the gel thats left.

After I finished with these I purchased the new Spotlight toothpaste to try so I will keep you posted. 

In terms of repurchasing this, I actually might. The strips contain Hydrogen Peroxide and that is one of the most effective active agents to whiten teeth and because I am a coffee drinker I do always make sure I am using the best products to stop my teeth getting anymore discoloured. I won't be doing the full 14 day treatment again but I would definitely use them once a week or once every 2 weeks. Have they worked for you or are you one of the unfortunate ones like me? Please let me know in the comments or find this post on my instagram.

You can buy them here for €39.95

Thanks for reading!

Lynda x


  1. That 14 days of treatment will be long enough to restore back the whiter teeth. I think it's one effective teeth whitening material that would help those people who have darker teeth. Thanks for giving us your kind ideas here.

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