Friday, 9 June 2017

Sandal Season Ready

O my God when I say you need this product I mean you NEED this product!! This foot mask is absolutely incredible. It is a Foot and Callus Peel from which removes dead skin in 7 days....literally all the skin is GONE!

My Mam was actually the one that wanted this first, She had seen it on Ireland Am and asked me to order her some so me being the new product fanatic I am I said I would get one too.

In the packet you get a pair of sock like bags basically that you put your feet in for 1 & half to 2 hours. I honestly thought this was going to be like a normal foot mask where your skin feels amazing for awhile and then nothing, but boy was I wrong.

I used this on a Friday night and the days after I didn't see a huge difference, the rough part of my foot (heel and around the ball of my foot) did feel a bit softer but that was about it. Until I got out of the shower the following Wednesday night and noticed that some skin was peeling away from around my toes, that was grand. The Thursday and Friday after though was a different story, a layer of skin all over my foot was just peeling away...everywhere! (I would advise not to wear sandals from day 6! Or if you have an event coming up use it well in advance because it does take a week plus for all the dead skin to fall off). The layer of rough skin is completely gone and I am left with super soft feet. No more struggling to remove the hard skin with callus stones, just pop your feet in these socks sit back for 2 hours and your feet will be transformed!

To use these you just wash and dry your feet, pop them in the socks for 2 hours and wash your feet again when you remove them. They contain 16 natural plant botanicals which make dead and rough skin peel away in 7 days. On extra rough parts they do advise to use a foot file to help the removal along. I found these amazing and had no discomfort while using them but obviously if you feel discomfort while using them, take them off straight away and rinse off your feet. They also say to leave 6 weeks between uses.

I am still amazed at how good this product is and will definitely be purchasing more, I got mine from Beauty Belle and you can buy it here for €8.95. If you have used this or are going to purchase please leave me know what you thought in the comments!

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