Saturday, 1 July 2017

Photo Perfect #Selfie Ready Skin

Bargain Alert!!

Hi everyone I hope Monday has been nice to you all!

I used the Creightons Photo Perfect #selfiereadyskin (phew that was a mouthful) face mask the other night and OMG!! The one I bought was the Wake Up Move On mask designed as tired skin detox and honestly its really good and so worth the €4 price tag! Its a charcoal mask that contains everything from Salicylic Acid to Avocado oil. I like the ingredients a lot!!

It goes on like any other face mask, apply an even layer and leave set for 5 / 10 minutes and rinse off. It was really nice on, no stinging or irritation just that usual tightening sensation. After I rinsed it off my pores looked basically invisible and my skin was so smooth, it even felt tighter. I adore the Pure Clay masks from L'Oréal but too be honest these are just as good as I can't say there was any difference, the only thing I prefer about the Pure Clay ones is the smell...I am in love with it! But these smell great too!


So if you are in Penneys / Primark soon pick one of these up! They had a couple of different ones but at the time this was the most appealing to me but I am stocking up on the rest and will review all them too! And if you have tried any please let me know in the comments which one I should get next!

Thanks for reading!

Lynda x


  1. Try and get the ultra mattifying one. I use it all the time and it makes my skin look so much better once it has been washed off. Make up goes on a lot easier and and it really does make you look #SelfieReady x

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