Monday, 5 June 2017

New Baby Dove

Hi again,

So this is a different kind of post, still about a beauty product as such, just one for my son! The new Baby Dove shampoo.

My little boy is 2 and has shoulder length long curly hair, unfortunately its looking like he has inherited my thin, unmanageable hair, so I have spent a lot of time trying out different shampoos and conditioners on him (nearly the same amount I have tried on myself).

One of the best I have tried so far is the new baby range shampoo from Dove and omg that smell is divine!! I use it the same as any other shampoo, wet his hair rub it in and rinse. Even at 2 he still has cradle cap as it is so hard to get near is scalp with all his hair. That was the first thing I noticed it really worked on, as I was brushing his hair a lot of the cradle cap had lifted from his head, way more came off than with any other shampoo so this alone had me delighted. I sprayed his usual conditioning spray into the ends and dried it with the hairdryer.

Days after the wash his hair is still really bounces and shiny and maybe its just coincidence but doesn't look to be getting half as knotted as it normally would. I have only used it a handful of times but I would definitely recommend it, especially now because it is half price in Tescos, i just picked up the small bottle to try and it was only €1.88. Or buy it here.

Now I am off to stock up on the rest of the range and I will write another post about the wash and whatever else I can find.

Thanks for reading!
Lynda x

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