Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Kardashian Beauty - Shampoo & Conditioner

Hi Guys,

I recently saw this shampoo and conditioner for the first time and said I had to try it! I am a Kardashian Beauty fan from trying different products from their range (you can read about the others I have tried here).

The one thing that strikes me about all their products is the packaging! It is simple and classy, perfect to attract the shopper (like me) who is drawn to pretty packaging.

The second thing I LOVE is the smell! Its amazing, such a unique smell and it lasts so long in your hair, even from the shampoo my hair smells amazing for days.

I've used the shampoo and conditioner now a hand full of times and the first thing I can say about the shampoo is if you have dry hair/ends I wouldn't recommend it! I have long hair thats quite dry at the ends and the shampoo just turned my hair into 1 massive knot that took so long to brush out. If you have coloured hair, again its another no no. It went into my hair a white colour and washed out a brown colour. Overall I wasn't to impressed with the shampoo and I can't see myself repurchasing it.

Your probably now thinking the conditioner is going to be another disaster and actually it wasn't. One of my favourite Kardashian Beauty products is the dry conditioner spray, I just love it and it works so well on my hair. When it comes to conditioners and oils they get it right unfortunately not so good with shampoos. The conditioner worked well in my hair, unknotted a lot of the knots that the shampoo had put into and definitely made my hair very soft and smooth. I have yet to try it with a different shampoo but I can't see myself finishing the Kardashian one.

Overall nothing too spectacular, I would recommend the Conditioner but if you have coloured, dry hair stay away from the shampoo, but there are hundreds of others that do the exact same and a better job and for the price of these (€10 each) you don't really need them in your life. But if you are a fan of the line check out my other blog post, linked above, and try some of those products, I would definitely reccommend them!!

Please let me know if these worked for you or if there is another product from this line that I need to try. I purchased both mine is Shaws and as I said above they were €10 each.

Buy Shampoo Here
Buy Conditioner Here

Thanks for reading,
Lynda x

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