Friday, 30 June 2017

Hair Trends I wish I Could Do!

Hi guys,

Of all the things I wish I was good at, hair is probably top of that list! Now I'm no make up artist but I just about manage to make it look like I know what I'm doing, but my hair thats a whole other story!

Even when its 'done' its not really the curls that took me 40 minutes to put in will fall out in less than 4 minutes. And because its so thin it goes from straightened to a knotty mess when someone even mentions wind (why give me this hair knowing I would grow up in Ireland??) Basically I can just about manage messy french plaits (might I add I used be really good at them...must be getting old!) A ponytail, and GHD straight...after that its a disaster!

So anyway I've picked out the hairstyles that I look up over and over again on Pinterest in the hope that just by looking at them I'll gain the ability to do them....still waiting!!

All pictures taken from Pinterest!

I love french plaits (probably because I can just about mange them) but I love how cute they are especially this style here it just vamps up a basic ponytail. And makes your hair dressy even if they did only take a few minutes!

This is just hair goals! This is so pretty for going to the beach or just wearing with a cute summer dress. I'll keep on dreaming that some day I'll be able to do it!

The top knot is a style I have adored since it took over last year but I have about enough hair to wrap up to resemble a button on the top of my head! (Have been debating extensions for years, hairs to thin for them! Just my luck)

This!! I am OBSESSED!! I just love space buns, they are so funky and would you believe I have attempted these and they didn't turn out half bad (maybe next time I'll take photographic evidence!)

So if any Hair Stylists would like to come live with me to do my hair everyday I would really much appreciate it! O to have nice hair but I have decided to get my hair coloured lighter, so maybe that'll transform my whole head or I'll just keep reminding myself that wild is my favourite colour! Anyway thats enough of me feeling sorry for myself! If anyone has any tips or products they'd recommend for thin hair send them this way PLEASE!!

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed! 

Lynda x


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