Friday, 30 June 2017

Hair Trends I wish I Could Do!

Hi guys,

Of all the things I wish I was good at, hair is probably top of that list! Now I'm no make up artist but I just about manage to make it look like I know what I'm doing, but my hair thats a whole other story!

Even when its 'done' its not really the curls that took me 40 minutes to put in will fall out in less than 4 minutes. And because its so thin it goes from straightened to a knotty mess when someone even mentions wind (why give me this hair knowing I would grow up in Ireland??) Basically I can just about manage messy french plaits (might I add I used be really good at them...must be getting old!) A ponytail, and GHD straight...after that its a disaster!

So anyway I've picked out the hairstyles that I look up over and over again on Pinterest in the hope that just by looking at them I'll gain the ability to do them....still waiting!!


Friday, 23 June 2017

Brightening Pearl Sheet Mask

Hi everyone, I am back with another face mask review.

I am obsessed with the Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks from Garnier, to me personally they are so convenient especially after running around after a toddler all day.

I love a good face mask but as my son gets older and wilder I don't use the regular mud masks much anymore simply because I love applying them when I get into bed but sometimes I'm just too tired to wait around for 20 minutes and have to wash them off.

That is why I love tissue masks, so when I saw this Brightening Pearl Sheet Mask from Penneys I had to try it. It applies and works the exact same way as the Garnier one, apply it to your face and secure it around your chin, nose and forehead, leave it for 15 to 20 mins and peel it off starting at the edges of your face and no need to rinse, just massage in the rest of the product thats left on your face. Convenient or what?


Monday, 19 June 2017

Spotlight Teeth Whitening

Hi everyone,

I was really late jumping on this band wagon and I don't know why because I have wanted to try it since I first heard about it. Spotlight is a home teeth whitening treatment containing 28 strips, a strip for both the bottom and top teeth that you leave on for an hour everyday for 14 days.

I have read nothing but amazing things about this and it has been plastered over every form of social media being endorsed by bloggers who 'just love it', me on the other hand wasn't impressed. I saw no major difference in the colour of my teeth only these weird patches at first after I'd remove the strips. I was so disheartened after the first 7/8 days that using them became a nuisance. Now it is known that teeth whitening doesn't work on everybody and unfortunately I seem to be one of those people. By all means I am not going to talk anybody out of using it because other than not really working I had no other complaints in terms of sensitivity.

  • It was really easy to use, you just dry your teeth and place the longer strip on the top teeth and the shorter one on the bottom teeth. Secure them well by folding them in around the teeth and sit back and relax for an hour.
  • I had no sensitivity using these. My bottom teeth would be quite sensitive and these didn't bother me once, while using them or in the days after.
  • There was no horrible taste from the strips. Coming close to the end of the hour the strips are starting to get loose and you can taste a bit of the gel but it was pleasant.
  • Removing the strips was easy too, you just peel it off and rinse away any of the gel thats left.

After I finished with these I purchased the new Spotlight toothpaste to try so I will keep you posted. 

In terms of repurchasing this, I actually might. The strips contain Hydrogen Peroxide and that is one of the most effective active agents to whiten teeth and because I am a coffee drinker I do always make sure I am using the best products to stop my teeth getting anymore discoloured. I won't be doing the full 14 day treatment again but I would definitely use them once a week or once every 2 weeks. Have they worked for you or are you one of the unfortunate ones like me? Please let me know in the comments or find this post on my instagram.

You can buy them here for €39.95

Thanks for reading!

Lynda x

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Hydra Genius

Hi all,

I wanted to write a little post about the new Hydra Genius cream/gel from L'Oréal. This was a product I just picked up because it was new into boots and I had never seen or heard about it so I said I would give it a go and report back here. I am so glad I did though! Its such a clever product. I picked up the normal to combination one, they have one for normal to dry skin and dry and sensitive skin, but my own skin would be fairly combination. They contain Aloe Water and Hyaluronic Acid which help to  hydrate, refresh and recharge the skin for up to 72 hours. Sounds good! 

I try to use it twice a day but I tend to reach for thicker, heavier creams for night time. I love using this in the mornings though, it is so cooling on the skin, feels amazing and is just like putting water on your face. My skin feels amazing after using this, cooled and super soft. It dries in so quick and its not sticky or greasy.

I love products that contain Aloe Vera, there are so many amazing benefits from Aloe Vera Sap,
  • It is rich in essential minerals and renowned for its moisturising properties.
  • It is known as the 'Plant of Immortality' it is rich in vitamin C & E and Beta Carotene, a red/orange pigment found in plants and fruit that our body converts into vitamin A. All these combined help lighten blemishes and increases the body production of collagen.
  • It speeds up skin cell reproduction by 8 times and penetrates the outer layer of the skin 4 times faster than water, making it perfect to help heal cuts, burns and the fading of scars.
  • It is also great for acne as it reduces pore size, keeping out excess sebum and dirt and contains plant hormones that stimulate the growth of new cells.

Another product that is being used more and more in skin care products lately is Hyaluronic Acid. This is a natural active ingredient already found in the skin.

  • It can hold 1000 times its weight in water.
  • It helps retain collagen, increases moisture and provides elasticity and flexibility.
  • It hydrates dry, aged skin by minimising water loss. Helping to reduce wrinkles.
  • Treats sores, sunburn and wounds by keeping damaged tissue moist.

Hopefully over time this product will work wonders on my skin but for now its still a big hit with me and personally I think this is a perfect product to use during the warmer months when our skin is being dried out and damaged by the sun. It doesn't contain SPF so apply Hydra Genius first and then pop your sun cream on top and you are good to go!!

Buy it here for €12.99

Hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading.

Lynda x

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