Tuesday, 23 May 2017

When Skincare Goes Wrong


I wanted to write this post after a bad reaction from a face wash I used. Now I'm not bashing or giving out about this product because 1, the smell of it was amazing and 2, it had that tingly feeling that it was really working on my skin. (I love that from a product) The problem was it was working too well.

Basically all I am trying to do is highlight that just because these products are packaged nice and promoted various ways to do this that and the other doesn't actually mean they will all work or agree with everybody.

I usually have fairly good skin, normal to combination with a breakout every once and awhile, nothing to complain about. However roughly a year ago I started to get really bad breakouts all over my face, they were those sore Mount Everest looking spots and no matter what I did I could not get rid of them. I had them for weeks and even make up was struggling to hide them. After getting really fed up and quite frankly feeling really down about them, I decided that the breakout had to have been caused by something I was using on my skin. I started keeping track of what was my most used products at the time, I stopped using various different things and nothing really changed until I stopped using a particular face wash. It took me so long to realise it was this particular face wash because I only used it once or twice a week and to be honest I think I  figured out it could be this product after reading another bloggers review. She had said how she found the product too strong for her skin and it was doing more damage than good. This particular face was so strong that it had caused this massive breakout in just a couple of uses. After I had stopped using it for  only about a week I immediately saw a huge difference in my skin, it finally started to go back to normal. 

When it came to leaving my skin heal, I only used the bare essentials on my skin to give a good break, thankfully I was left with no scarring from the breakout. If this does happen to you go as long as you can without wearing make up, or choose a tinted moisturiser over foundation and creams and washes designed for sensitive skin are perfect to use while your healing.

So if you have a random breakout, or your skin starts acting differently make sure all the products you are using agree with your skin, and it really doesn't matter the price or brand I've had a bad reaction from the cucumber moisturiser  and eye cream from boots own brand but can use everything else from the range. The face wash I was using was the Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser.

Please let me know in the comments if you have had a bad reaction to products before. Thanks for reading,

Lynda x


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