Monday, 1 May 2017

My Thoughts - L'orèal Pure Clay Wash

Hi all and happy Monday,

So if you read my previous blog post about the L'orèal Pure Clay Masks you will know I am a big fan. They are really good decent products and affordable so when I spotted the exact same products in a face wash version I was intrigued.

Similar to the masks they launched 3 different washes, a Pure Clay Detox Wash,  Purity Wash and a Pure Clay Glow Scrub. I was most excited to try the black and red ones but of course it took me ages to get my hands on them as every time I went into my local boots they were sold out, so I ended up buying both of them from They have the exact same ingredients and smell identical.

As I said above the first mask I got my hands on was the green, Purity Wash and although I really liked the Purity Mask I was left a bit disappointed from this wash. When you apply the Mask you can immediately feel it tingling on your skin and I love that from a mask because you can feel it working and it left my skin super soft, but there was none of that from this wash. The wash itself is a creamy texture but once applied to the face it lathers into a foam and yes it left my skin feeling really clean but so do 100 other face washes, nothing spectacular however one thing I did like about this as opposed to some other washes was it didn't leave my skin feeling tight and dry and it was incredibly smooth and soft afterwards but unlike the mask I don't think I'd be too quick to repurchase this.

Unlike the Purity Wash I would definitely repurchase the Glow Scrub. I love this! I use it first thing in the morning to wake up my face, and even though its a scrub it is really gentle. Like the mask the wash contains Red Algae too which helps brighten the skin and it really does do that. My face is so soft and smooth after using this and the perfect base for my make up!

Lastly the Detox Wash, I really liked the Detox Mask but I didn't use it very often as my skin felt quite dry after it, which I'm sure can be expected from a mask that is designed to detox your face so anytime I use it I will either apply a really good face cream or a facial oil to my face and the Detox Wash is the exact same. Just like the Purity Wash this wash is a very runny cream texture but once applied to the face it also lathers into a foam. My skin felt super clean after using it but quite dry too, so I will always use this as part of my bedtime routine for one last squeaky clean. I apply my night creams as normal afterwards. It could be just coincidence but (and I don't use this every night) I can be prone to the odd breakout every now and again and I haven't got a very bad one since I started using this, I have gotten 1 or 2 spots at a time but no where near the 5-10 I usually get.

Buy the Purity Mask here - €7.99
Buy the Glow Scrub here - €7.99
Buy the Detox Mask here - €7.99

Thanks for reading and please let me know if you have used these too and what you think of them.

Lynda x

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