Sunday, 21 May 2017

In Shower Tan

Hi everyone, happy Sunday,

If reading the caption your thinking what the hell is that well then your not alone. I came across the St.Tropez In-Shower Tan in Boots months ago and out of sheer curiosity I bought it to try it out. Basically it is a gradual Fake Tan you apply in the shower and rinse off straight away.

To be honest I am still trying to figure out what exactly it does. This sounded like the perfect product, killing 2 birds with 1 stone (One tired Mama) The bad, news I really don't like it. You rub it on while your in the shower, you dont need to be dry, leave it for 3 minutes and rinse it off, granted I did love the smell of it but that was about it.

As long as I left it on for I saw absolutely no difference in my colour at all and I have used this about 5 times, being equally disappointed each time. What I did find was if its not rinsed off right you end up incredibly sticky, so much so even my clothes were sticking to me afterwards.

Have you used this? If anyone had good results from this please leave me know because I really hoped it would be good because as a tired Mammy of a 2 year old this sounded like a dream product. Unfortunately it just wasn't a dream for me.

Thanks for reading, and I hope your all having a lovely weekend!
Lynda x

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