Monday, 15 May 2017

Eyebrows On Fleek

Hi all and Happy Monday,

We all know the importance of eyebrows and the difference they can make to the shape of your face! So I have been trying out some different eyebrow gels and now I'm sharing my thoughts on my latest purchase.

I recently purchased the Ka-Brow cream gel in shade 5 from Benefit and I must say I am impressed, that packaging alone is goals. The first thing I liked about it was how creamy the gel was and was so easily blended, I had previously been using the Cailyn Gelux Brow but I find Ka Brow is much easier to use because of the difference in textures. I am by no means a make up artist and it is only recently I am getting confident attacking my brows with any sort of gel but for me personally I found the Ka-Brow easier to work with.

I love the little brush that comes with the Ka-Brow too I find some brushes can be quite thick and i always end up having to flatten them off the edge of the container to get a sharper edge to it, whereas I don't have to do that with the Benefit brush, the size of the brush just seems to work much better.

Overall I am really impressed by this product and I would recommend it for people, who like me, sometimes struggle with their brows. It is a bit on the pricey side so I am still on the hunt for a good cheaper alternative, and please if you have any let me know in the comments below! 

Buy Ka-Brow Here

Thanks for reading,
Lynda x

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