Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Fake Tan Must Haves

Hi all,

So us Irish Girls love a bit of tan, lets face it its pretty hard to get a natural one around here so we have no other choice only turn to the bottle. I have tried my fair share of tans, I am not a die hard tan fan so I haven't tried them all but since Ive started using this brand of tan I haven't needed to try any others.

My Favourite is Cocoa Brown Tan by Marissa Carter (Ultimate Girl Boss). Marissa has thought of absolutely everything when she developed this range of tan, it has a product for everybody, from Tanning Wipes, to Instant Tan and Dry Oils. And the best part is the price, all her products are super affordable and can all be purchased in Penneys.

I have chosen my 3 favourites from the range and if you have yet to give them a try these are my must haves.

The One Hour Tan

This is by far my favourite! This is a developing mousse that you shower off after an hour or the longer you leave the darker it gets, it is also buildable which means even if you apply 2 layers (or more) it still looks great! The colour of this tan is amazing, such a natural bronze colour with not a bit of orange in sight (we all know those tan disasters when you realise you resemble an Oompa Loompa) It is so easy to apply and goes on so well, it is nearly impossible to get streaky, I say nearly because I have managed to get streaks from fake tan that claim to be streak free....This Cocoa Brown Tan though is fool proof.

Golden Goddess Oil

This is just one of the best inventions from Cocoa Brown. It is a dry shimmering body oil and the glow from it is incredible, it can be used as a body oil for all over to give a lovely glow or you can use it on your face as a highlighter or mix it through your foundation for a dewy finish. This originally came in a golden colour but soon after a Rose Gold Goddess oil was released (this being my favourite) which is just as beautiful as it sounds and then just last Christmas gone and gift set was released which contained smaller sizes of the Golden and Rose Gold oil but also came with a new colour, Ice Goddess. Ice Goddess can now be bought in a full 500ml bottle.

Instant Tan

This again is another life saver, this tan is instant so there is no waiting for it to develop which is great if you make last minute plans. One thing I love about this is if you are wearing ripped jeans, just apply it with a make up brush to where the rips are and nobody has to know that you don't have a full body tan done lol. This product can be bought in Matte and Shimmer, although I haven't used the Shimmer one, using the Golden Goddess Oil with the Matte one is the exact same thing.

Tanning Wipes

I love too much about this brand to narrow it down to 3 items. I used Tanning Wipes before but hated them and had a complete tan disaster with them so I never really used them again until I saw Sarah Ashcroft talking about these and how easy and natural they are, so I purchased them. I am so glad I did because I never put tan on my face I use these wipes to match my head with my body, and I get such a natural glow from them, my face never looks like its fake tanned just a natural tan from the sun. 

*Scrub - Tough Stuff

Whether you tan or not this scrub is a must have, it removes old tan perfectly and doesn't leave all those horrible patches all your body. This can be used just as an exfoliant even if you don't tan, it smooths elbows, knees and ankles and leaves skin feeling so smooth and doesn't dry it out at all.

Hope you enjoy and please tell me about your favourite tans,
Lynda x

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