Sunday, 5 March 2017

L'oréal Fine Flowers.

Hi again,

I picked this up recently as I had just run out of my own bottle of soap and glory cream cleanser which I loved but wanted to try a different one, I came across it in Tescos and once it says new on the bottle I'm there!

The smell is amazing so fresh and does smell just like flowers. The texture is so moisturising even after using it my hands felt soft.

So its big test against a full face of Make Up and the result is pretty good. You apply it straight to your face and rub it in as you would any face wash and then rinse or remove with a face cloth. A good test for these cream cleansers is to then use a toner afterwards to see how much make up was actually removed, and after testing this one pretty much all the make up was gone. So compared to other cream cleansers I have used this is definitely my favourite one. My skin felt really soft after it and not one bit dry which is a great plus for me as I hate products that almost wash away too much. I would have quite combination skin and this works really well for me and it is also designed for sensitive skin too.

So all in all this gets a big thumbs up from me,
Thanks for reading,

Lynda x


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