Thursday, 2 March 2017

Camo Obsessed

So my latest obsession is Camo Print, before I even realised, I had a major collection in my wardrobe. Its such a cool way to dress up a casual outfit. And great for people who, like me, wear a lot of greys and blacks.

I picked up a hoodie / jacket in River Island and it goes perfect with jeans and trainers.

Buy Here  €33.00

As I'm a Mammy most days I dress very casual which is either jeans and a hoodie, leggings or a tracksuit, so I just fell in love with a Camo Print hoodie from Zara, again it livens up my otherwise super plain outfit. 

Hoodie - Buy Here - €19.95

So Ive pulled together a few other Camo Print bits that I am loving at the moment. 

Parka - Buy Here €53.00

Denim Jacket - Buy Here €29.00

Shacket - Buy Here €24.00

Jeans - Buy Here €45.00

Swimsuit - Buy Here €40.00

Bikini - Buy Here €19.00

Boots - Buy Here €22.00

Superstars - Buy Here €99.95

So thats whats on my camp wish list, for the moment anyway.
Thanks for reading,

Lynda x


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