Saturday, 25 February 2017

Return Of The Loafer

Gucci Loafers, lifeoflynda
If there is one fashion style I am delighted to see back its the backless loafer. Remember back in the early noughties when they were all the range in every colour imaginable, well I had every colour imaginable. However this time round they are less bright and more modest and stylish.

Loafers from Boohoo, River Island. lifeoflynda
Noughties Loafers, lifeoflynda

They are the perfect transition shoe to take you from spring to summer. They go perfectly well with jeans and a chunky knit jumper or a floral summer dress. I have been stalking all the major online sites for loafers and I just adore the embroidered style, so classy and simple. A pair of Gucci loafers have been doing the rounds on Instagram lately and I am obsessed but unfortunately Gucci is out of my price range but I picked up a pretty similar pair from River Island for just €40.

River Island Loafer, lifeoflyndablog
There are so many different styles to choose from to compliment any outfit, from leopard print to fur lined and floral and although I want them all in every colour and style and although I adore my River Island ones I also picked up a plain black suede from Penneys for €11 just to wear with the simplest of outfits.

Penneys Loafers, lifeoflynda

Thanks for reading, I have added links below to where you can buy all the shoes I have pictured,
Lynda x

Loafers Pictured Above:

Black Suede - Shop Here
Silver - Shop Here
White Fur Lined - Shop Here
Black Embroidered - Shop Here


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