Friday, 18 November 2016

Kardashian Beauty - Just A Name?

Hi all and happy Friday!

So we all know the Kardashians and we all know their make up line was a complete flop but have they got it right with their hair care products? I recently purchased their Dry Conditioner, their Black Seed Dry Oil and their Curl-Defining Cream-Gel, and I have been pleasently surprised. 

I have really dry hair and I thought a dry conditioner was genius so of course that was my first purchase. Along with topping up between washes with dry shampoo I now spray this conditioner onto my ends and it leaves them looking so shiny and keeps any of the dry spilt ends at bay, this is now one of my must have hair care products.

My next purchase was the Black Seed Dry Oil, I only purchased the small bottle of this which is only 15ml simply because I wanted to try it. For my natural wavy hair this works wonders, it really tames the waves and makes them less frizzy. This is a good oil but along with the conditioner I am not sure if I would repurchase, I am definitely a dry conditioner fan.

Out of sheer curiosity I got the Curl-Defining Cream-Gel after reading a good review about it, this I not completely sold on yet however I have only used it once. As I said I would have natural wavy hair that has lost its way after too much damage from heat styling, I thought if this can give me my curls back they are complete geniuses. However sadly it couldn't and like most other curling gels, mousses and creams I woke up the next day looking like I had been electrocuted. Regardless of that I have read great reviews about it and am convinced there is noting on this planet that can tame my ''curls''.

Next on my list to get is their dry shampoo, I have always used Batista and we all know about the white residue it leaves, well my Mam has used The Kardashian Dry Shampoo and it doesn't leave any residue, no more looking like you've aged 20 years as you run out the door late for work.

All in all I am loving this range, I really think they got it right with all these products and the packaging? Black and Rose Gold I am all over that. I purchased all of these in store from Shaws but they can be purchased from They have so many products from this range you are bound to find something to suit your need, I already have my wish list of the items I want to try next.

Dry Conditioner - €13.95
Black Seed Dry Oil - small €4.95 / large €15.95
Curl Defining Cream Gel - €13.95
Dry Shampoo - €13.95

Hope you enjoy
Lynda x

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