Friday, 15 July 2016

L'oréals Extraordinary Clay

Hi All,

So at this stage everyone has heard of the Extraordinary Clay range of hair products from L'oréal, if not I am going to fill you in.

I was intrigued by these products as they sounded right up my street, I have thin, flat, lifeless hair that goes greasy the minute I am finished drying it, so I thought my prayers had been answered. Along with the shampoo and conditioner they also brought out a dry shampoo and a pre-wash mask. I only purchased the shampoo and the mask as I had never used a pre-wash mask before. 

The mask works by applying it to wet hair and leaving it for a few minutes to soak up all the oils from your hair then you just shampoo and condition as normal. My first impressions of these were good as I definitely noticed I got at least and extra day if not 2 out of my hair. I used the shampoo on its own a few times and even that alone made a big difference to my hair, these are definitely products that don't go hand in hand and you can mix and match through the whole range.

However the more I used them the more I felt I was damaging and drying out my hair by stripping too much of the natural oils from it. For people that have thin hair we are definitely stuck in the middle of having too dry or too greasy hair. I have since stopped using the shampoo as the ends of my hair can be quite dry anyway, but once every fortnight I will use the mask just to get all the product build up out of my hair, I think it will be a product I will always keep in my shower. After using these however I do believe if you have thick hair that goes greasy too quick then these are the products for you. It really does work on greasy hair just not thin greasy hair.

Lynda x

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