Monday, 13 June 2016

Miss Fit Skinny Tea

Hi all,

I am back with another review, I was one to jump on the Miss Fit Skinny Tea bandwagon. I had read good things about this Teatox on other blogs so I decided to try it, mind you I didn't buy it to help with weight loss but more for my skin and energy. I purchased the tea and infuser directly from their website as it was not available near me to buy in a shop at the time. I went for the 14 day teatox which was €24.99 and the tea infuser which was €5.00. The shipping was €1.99 bringing the total to €31.98. Bit expensive just for tea but I was excited to try it all the same. It wasn't quick to arrive so be patient.

When you purchase the tea from their website you get an email which includes a meal plan to follow to get the best results from the tea, although I didn't follow the meal plan as I didn't need to lose weight I did my best to eat as healthy as I could. Reading about it it did sound great, it is the only laxative free detox tea out there and lets be honest thats a great plus! It contains 100% natural ingredients from Sencha Green Tea to Lemon Grass and Chamomile just to name a few. And the best thing about it, its Irish.

So how does it work? You fill the diffuser with the tea and leave it in boiling water for up to 5 minutes, once the diffuser is filled you then reuse it for all your cups during the day, so you don't have to keep refilling it. To get the best results it is recommended you drink it before your meals and to have up to 4 cups a day. It is also recommended that you cut out sugars while your drinking this and avoid tea and coffee. (I am tea addict and was not looking forward to this!) And drink plenty of water to help with the detox. 

My first impressions were good, it tasted nice which is half the battle, I would drink herbal teas a lot anyway so if you like herbal tea you will definitely like this. I found it so easy to drink and as the days went on I was choosing this over tea anyway, especially while running around after my son, all I needed to do was boil the kettle and pour it in a mug and it was ready, because it tastes nice it was easy choose this over sugary drinks or tea or coffee. And if I was away from home for the day I'd put the diffuser in a small container and bring it with me, so handy! I stuck out the detox for the 14 days and managed to scrape out another day or 2 from the end of the bag.

To be honest I didn't see much difference during the 14 days, my skin was covered in spots before I started it and it didn't change at all during the detox, it took almost 2 months and a week in the sun for it to clear up. However once I had finished the tea I realised afterwards how well I felt while I was drinking it, I definitely had more energy and just felt more awake.

Although I can't comment on the weight loss side of it there are plenty more reviews about it and although it didn't help clearing up my spots I really like it, so much so I am on my third 14 day detox. I am just back from a week in Mallorca and Miss Fit Skinny Tea was top of my list to purchase when I came back to help get rid of all the toxins from my Holiday. Starting this detox my skin is in good condition but I am hoping this gives it the final boost to be glowing and completely spot free.

It is expensive but I think it is worth it and if you keep an eye out most of the chemists that stock it have discounts, along with the website. I got my last bag for €19.99 in Sam McCauleys, and the diffuser is reusable so you only need to buy one. 

Lynda x

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