Thursday, 9 June 2016

Dyson Cordless Hoover

Hi All,

I am the owner of a Samoyed named Deizel, who basically resembles a miniature Polar Bear and with him comes a lot of shedding because he is an indoor dog, which means I spend 50% of my day hoovering.

I hated dragging around my big old hoover and plugging it in only to leave it in the hallway as I would need it 40 more times during the day. The Dyson Cordless Hoover sounded like heaven to me and I knew I needed one. A hoover that hung on the wall ready and waiting whenever I needed it, perfection! 

So on Christmas morning last year my lovely Dad (probably sick of listening to me give out about the dog hair) arrived like Santa Claus with a Dyson Cordless Hoover, (Usually I would hate this kind of present) and I was never in my life so excited to HOOVER!

When the excitement of Christmas day died down I finally opened it and there was just enough charge to have a go and see what it was like. Straight away I was in love, my house was going to be so clean and dog hair free.

Fast forward to now and I am still in love with it and I still enjoy hoovering, its so easy and hassle free. The only downside that I have come across is when you want to be lazy and hoover up that big sweet wrapper or leaf instead of picking it up, well now I have to pick it up, it is perfect for hoovering up dust and everyday house dirt but when it comes to bigger things I would usually hoover, not so good.

It is expensive, so is it worth it? Yes in my opinion definitely, if you are a dog owner you will love it and if you hate hoovering you will also love it, I don't think I will ever go back to the traditional hoover.

Lynda x

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