Monday, 9 May 2016

Caviar For Your Face

Hi all,

I am back with something I am sure many women can relate to. I have spent an absolute fortune on face creams always trying to find one that I really loved. I have 'problem skin' as I call it where it has a life of its own and never cooperates with me, most days I struggle to get make up to sit right and have a few too many break outs.

When it first came out I heard great things about Aldi's new caviar moisturisers and how they are similar to the La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe cream which has a price tag of a whopping €370 for a 50ml jar. They both contain caviar which is rich in vitamins and proteins and known as an anti-ageing active ingredient. So after spotting it lately in my local Aldi store I picked up the day and night cream and at €8.99 each they are a bargain.

I used the night cream first and straight away I could feel it tightening on the skin, its a real rich feeling cream and a little goes a long way. Along with Caviar it also contains snow algae which stimulates collagen which counteracts the ageing process. Another ingredient in this cream is one everyone is going mad over lately and thats Hyaluronic Acid which prevents water loss and keeps the skin moisturised all day, along with vitamin b5 to repair damaged skin. It is recommended to use this cream for two months to see results but for me the next morning my skin felt really soft and still moisturised, it even seemed brighter and healthier looking even after one use.

I am always sceptical about using day creams because I struggle so much with getting make up to sit right, I tend not to use face creams during the day but rather serums instead but i was on a mission to give my skin some TLC. For the first few days I didn't wear make up and just used the Caviar Illumination day cream which also has SPF 15. Just like the Caviar Illumination night cream, it contains all the same ingredients and gives anti-ageing protection for day time. This cream has the same rich texture and glides on so easy, the skin feels immediately firmer and looks brighter and again a little goes a long way.

So when it came to biting the bullet and putting on make up I didn't think this cream would work well because of its rich texture even though on the box it claims to be light in texture and perfect for under make up, I have used lighter. I applied a tiny amount of the cream and and added more if I felt some part of my face needed it. I used a make up primer just to give an extra help to my foundation. I applied my foundation with my beauty blender as I always do and it went on and sat perfectly I was thrilled. I did my make up the same way I always do and it lasted all day, there was no difference at all. 

Although I have never used the La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe cream, I have been using both these Lacura creams for about a month now and really enjoying them. There has definitely been and improvement in my skin over the last month. Thankfully I don't have many wrinkles to deal with yet but it is recommended to start anti-ageing treatments in your mid 20's. So for €8.99 a jar these are worth every penny in my opinion.

Lynda x

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